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The Triple Roller Impact Frame drastically reduces the “wave” wear pattern typically found at hard skirting. By reducing and uniforming roller centres the belt deflection and sag is minimised. With the belt running flatter, product cannot get compressed between the skirt liner and belt, resulting in less chipping the lower edge of the hard skirt liner and holes forming and creating spillage at the transfer point. This decreased wear results in a cleaner, safer and more productive mine site.

The Triple Roller Impact Frame is designed to reduce down time, shorten shut times and reduce cost to owner. With its innovative and patented drop down design the whole carrier frame drops between the stringers not just on to stringers. This allows for more head and shoulder room resulting in easier, safer and quicker replacement of rollers.
With less product getting compressed between skirt and belt, there is also a reduction in friction and daily running costs being reduced and less wear on the belt under the hard skirts. With decreased centres between rollers there is less load placed on individual rollers improving roller life.

With close consultation with our initial clients and maintenance contractors we identified the root causes of wear plus the symptoms of spillage, and the physical constraints of the transfer area. The Triple Roller Impact Frame was designed, prototyped, trialled, and revised for further improvement; this product and its benefits are now far exceeding all expectations.
The Triple Roller Impact Frame is proven to reduce wear and spillage, down time and shut duration. It also has an extremely durable design, which surpasses all conveyor safety standard requirements; MADE TO LAST.

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