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Belt loading and material flow is a complex and an inexact science with a multitude of parameters that never stay constant. Even chutes that perform well when newly lined can develop wear that contributes to off centre belt loading.

Product behaviour in chutes changes as different ore is mined and conveyed in changing weather conditions, this will effect flow paths. Adding further variables such as wear to crushers and mills causes product size to vary producing differing drop patterns. Other variables such as Incoming belt speeds, load height and tonnage per hour may also vary during life of the chute causing additional factors to be overcome.

A poorly loaded belt has noticeable symptoms of product spillage, belt tracking, excessive belt wear and short roller life. This leads to excessive skirt liner damage, resulting in increased cost, a less safe and untidy workplace and extra down time.
Macarise Fixed Training Plates are a cost effective solution and can provide excellent central material concentration to suit your belt and chute. Ore flow has to be observed and understood to ensure the best possible designed part that will work with all variables taken into consideration.

Macarise Hydraulic Training Plates options allow for on the run adjustment for belt loading as the chute wears to ensure central loading less spillage, less wear and less down time. With its fundamental design fully engineered a DRS Hydraulic Training Plate can be readily customised to fit in your existing parameters. The Plates are then adjusted during normal operation with no additional shut time, extra labour or crane costs or any safety issues.

Macarise Hydraulic Training Plates ensure the best belt possible loading at all times during the chutes life no matter the variables.
Macarise can provide Training Plates in Tungsten Carbide Overlay, Ceramic, NiHard, Bisalloy, Plastics, Rubber Tiles or Cast Steels to suit your requirements.

Macarise Training plates raise your Mine sites’, cleanliness, safety and productivity whilst lowering overall running costs.

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