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Conveyor spillage is inevitable as the conveyor belt and wear items age and erode, gaps form and product finds its way out. This spillage then causes further damage to belts, pulleys, bearings, conveyor tension cables, rails, guarding and the conveyor structure itself. Uncontrolled spillage also makes for an unsafe and inefficient mine site.

With extensive knowledge and experience in spillage capture and control solutions, our customerised solution will fit the area, capture the spilt product and control its movement to a point of easy pick up or local process sump. These solutions might varies from simple bent plates deflecting spillage away from a pulley and bearing to more complex solution such as pipework and spray nozzles to keep spillage from building up then pumping to a sump. We will deliver design, fabrication and commissioning with each solution proposed.

Our spillage capture and control solutions ensure not just spillage control but also offer a safer and more efficient mine site by prolonging belt life, operating cost reduction and decreasing down-time. With your site standards in mind, our solutions will exceed your engineering, surface treatment, document control and project management requirements.

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