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The Macarise Hydraulic Drop Down Return Idler System reduces long standing problems of all conveyors. Do you stop the belt to change out one seized return roller? Or how long can you wait to change a seized or collapsed roller before the belt wears through the roller shell? Can you risk passing the belt over a worn through roller shell? Do you pre-emptively change all return rollers during shuts because more rollers might fail and you already have a team organised?

With the Macarise Hydraulic Drop Down Return Idler System you can replace individual return rollers as they approach failure or soon after failure with no need to stop the belt or even obtain confined space permits. This reduces the need for costly unplanned downtime or risking your belts to the damage from ruined return rollers or pre-emptively changing out rollers.
The Macarise Hydraulic Drop Return Idler System is unlike any product on the market. This system utilises an even dropping hydraulic system incorporated with strong idler frames. The Macarise Hydraulic Drop Down Return Idler System drops the roller out the way of any belt sag and allows access to the carrier frame and damaged roller to be removed, then the roller replaced in a safe manner in the walk way during normal operation and then Safely returned with no isolations required!

Frame weight has been kept low as possible to ensure use in balanced heavy mobile equipment such as stackers, reclaimers and ship loaders where access to return rollers is usually by scaffolding or elevated work platforms is possible.
Macarise Hydraulic Drop Return Idler System complies with all relevant Australian Standards for conveyor safety and machine guarding.

This product is ready to be installed at your next chance for upgrade.

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