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We specialize in maintaining and servicing of Larox filters including tower filter presses, membrane filter presses and ceramic disc filters. Services include anything from weekly service visits to annual refurbishments, full audits, recommendations and required parts. We take a Reliability Cantered Maintenance (RCM) approach to advising clients on the best service strategies and develop a sound maintenance plan.

Maintenance includes weekly to quarterly service visits, annual plate pack refurbishments, filter inspection reports and maintenance as required.

Successful implementation of regular maintenance ensures increase in cost effectiveness, machine uptime and more profits.

Conveyor Solution

We design, fabricate and install conveyor solutions to fit various mine sites. Specific to this we deal with Conveyor Spillage and Safety Solutions, Parts and maintenance to be sure all aspects of mining run smoothly.


We generate, modify and specialize in drawings designed to Australian Standards. We go even further than this, and design to Site Specific Standards to suit specialized jobs.


We have the facilities and expertise to fabricate job specific parts and solutions for each mine site. We can design and then fabricate in one location, and then install on-site to be sure everything is up to standard and works well in the environment.

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