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Guarding is mandatory and necessary for maintaining a safe and efficient work environment. With the updates to AS 4024 it is now compulsory for guarding to only be removed with the use of a tool.

Simpler locking systems that are not fully captured may lead to dropped and dirtied and damaged parts misplaced or lost items, and this will not become known until the work behind the guarding is finished, and the guarding has to be replaced.

The guarded machinery may not be allowed to restart until all fixing mechanisms are found and the guard is secured, this may lead to extended down time and extra labour costs.
Macarise can assist with Auditing of your Guarding needs. Design of a suitable system for your workplace, Plus Fabrication and Installation of all Guarding.

A Macarise Guarding System is supplied with a fully captured locking system eliminating dropped nuts and bolts. It has easy Hex Key removal and tool-less replacement ensures a fast turnaround on jobs. And no unexpected delays when replacing guarding.

Retro fitting of Macarise Locking Systems to your sites existing guarding is also possible. Macarise can supply all parts for onsite guarding upgrading to ensure your workplace is kept up to the highest standards of safety.

A Macarise Guarding Panel System can be made with Steel Mesh, Perforated Plate, Perspex or Polycarbonate sheeting to suit your requirements of safety, security and any visibility needs.
A Macarise Guarding System complies with Australian Standards and supplied to your companiesí requirements of engineering, surface treatment, document control and project management.

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