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Conveying and transferring bulk material creates dust, this causes many problems on a mine site and surrounding areas. From damage to seals on rollers and pulleys, increased corrosion on the conveyor and surrounding structures, dust is also detrimental to worker’s health.

The effects of dust also contributes to distress of plants and wild life in areas outside the mine site, with ever evolving and increasing community standards regarding dust suppression.

Dust monitoring and audits are becoming more common practice, what was previously installed may no longer be adequate to fulfil these obligations.
Macarise provides high quality design and fabrication of dust suppression systems to suit crushers, conveyor transfers, stackers/reclaimers, train and ship loading and unloading.

Macarise also retrofit spray bars, dust curtains to your sites equipment to improve your sites health and safety, efficiency, and environmental concerns.

Macarise Conveyor Dust Suppression System will contribute to minimising your dust effects and be compliant with your sites particular dust level limits.

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