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The Macarise Cotton Reel Roller Frame is a purpose built, adjustable stand-alone unit that surpasses industry norms for belt tracking mitigation.

Conveyor belts will track for a variety of reasons, from off centre belt loading to pulley and idler alignment. The Macarise Cotton Reel Roller Frame is part of the solution. When placed before and after load points your belt tracking can be effectively controlled, this minimises spillage and belt wear, reduces hard and soft skirt wear.

The results are a cleaner, safer and more efficient mine site.
Macarise was unsatisfied with prospect of simply supplying our customer with smaller standard guidelers with tabs to be site welded on to existing idler frames. We then designed, engineered and built this complete system with larger rollers and bearings secured to heavy duty stainless steel shafts, attached to a strong, adjustable capture system on bolted legs designed specifically to withstand loads from belt drift. This bolted leg design also makes installation to new or existing conveyors simple without the need for lifting equipment or hot works around the belt.

The Macarise Cotton Reel Roller Frames are a proven design and have been installed for years with exceptional reliability and results due to their robust design and material selection.

This product complies with all relevant conveyor Australian Standards and engineering certification for your specific needs can be given if required.
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